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Over 120 Years of Combined Tax & Audit EXPERIENCE

How We Started

For over 35 years, the Brunt family has owned and operated public accounting firms in South Florida, while for over 45 years, Harry Sweeney  has worked to establish his successful Ft Lauderdale practice, with Matthew Matz by his side since 2002.  Brunt, Sweeney, Matz, P.A., CPA’s was established in January, 2012, by joining these great professionals, where we provide full-service tax, audit, accounting, and consulting services.

Brunt, Sweeney, Matz, PA, CPAs delivers on over 120 years combined experience, educating our clients about their tax positions, earning trust as proficient auditors, and arming clients with knowledge to make sound financial decisions.  Our experienced partners will help you PLAN, PREPARE, and PRODUCE.

The Checklist

  • Plan: Few people ever seem to properly implement tax planning strategies for their family or small business, to save money…what’s YOUR PLAN?
  • Prepare: The task of navigating tax, audit, and accounting requirements can be both overwhelming and inefficient…how do YOU PREPARE?
  • Produce: Misunderstanding or misapplying tax law and audit requirements cause stress on business and family finances…wouldn’t YOU like to PRODUCE better results?

Top Industry Partners

Over 120 Years of Combined Tax & Audit EXPERIENCE

John Brunt began his professional career working for Ernst & Ernst in North Carolina after graduating from the University of Florida, then Florida Atlantic University in 1970.  He worked there for four years, on the small business team, before moving back home to South Florida, where he is responsible for establishing the Brunt family accounting firm, in Hollywood, that now crosses three generations and two counties.

Bruce Brunt holds degrees from both the University of Florida and Florida Atlantic University, and he began his career in journalism, but quickly transitioned to accounting.  He worked with John, and after earning his CPA license, they established a practice together, and successfully grew the firm with honest principles and high-quality service standards for more than three decades.  Bruce is a past President of the FICPA’s Gold Coast Chapter.

Mark Brunt followed the family tradition by graduating from the University of Florida, and began his public accounting career in the family firm in 2003.  He has also served as a tax accountant/analyst for Office Depot, Inc, from 2006 – 2007, before starting his own tax practice in 2008 (Cooper City).  Prior to his accounting career, Mark worked as a Director of Business Development, then a Director of Marketing, in the golf course/private club management and consulting industry.

Harry Sweeney began his career in public accounting in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania office of KMG Main Hurdman in 1966.  Harry worked his way to Audit Partner, Partner in Charge of the Fort Lauderdale office, and – finally – Partner in Charge of the Southeast Florida area until the firm merged with KPMG Peat Marwick Main & Co.  He was an audit Partner in that firm until he formed his own accounting practice in 1989.

Matthew Matz began his career in public accounting in the Fort Lauderdale office of Sweeney, Matz & Co., LLC in January 2002 as a staff auditor, after graduating with two degrees (University of Florida & Florida Atlantic University).  Prior to his career in public accounting, Matthew worked in the financial services and retail industries.  Matthew has performed audits in such diverse industries as securities brokerage, franchising, transportation, governmental special districts, bio-technical, and retail.

THINK About the Big Picture...

… Along with the Details

Big success is all in the details. Our attention to details helps our clients feel confident about making major decisions, such as investing in new technology, expanding into related businesses or opening additional locations. We also keep our eye on the big picture. We help identify potential problems and ways to avoid them. Sit down with us and let’s take a look at your business. We’d like to show you what we envision for your business’s future.

Concerns Go Beyond Taxes...

So Do Our Skills

As CPAs, we focus on your financial life, not just your taxes. We look at where you are and where you want to be. We understand that the point of having financial goals is to make sure you reach the personal ones. We can develop the investment strategies, tax savings options, retirement and estate plans to help you get there. See for yourself why our clients appreciate all the work we do.

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